The University of Malaga it is characterized for the quality, excellence and magnificence of its services, creating an atmosphere of motivation and inspiration which leads the institution to focus on the lifelong education of people (Campus of International Excelence recognition).

This University is also concerned about the job market and employment so that it is connected to the business world (specially the public sector) and it is completely established in the European Higher Education and Research Area. For these and many other reasons, the University of Malaga is a competitive institution not only in the Andalusian environment, but also in the national and the international field. 


The prestige and the experience of our university made it become a technological and research support as well as a huge cultural dynamic for the University of Malaga. Therefore, all this together makes the institution an important constituent of the so called "productive triangle"

 of the city, along with the airport and the Andalusia Technology Park, which shares strong connections with the institution.


The University of Malaga has proved to be an important gear for the engine of development of these international events due to the reliance on the institution to organize such championships as the 3rd World University Futsal Championship in 1992, the 15th World University Judo Championship in 2000, the 13th World University Golf Championship in 2010, the 8th European Universities Beach Volleyball Championship in 2011, the 9th European Universities Futsal Championship in 2013, the 14th World University Futsal Championship in 2014 and the 23rd World University Handball Championship, the 9th European Universities Handball Championship in 2017, which were successfully carried out with proficiency and professionalism. Furthermore, our university cooperates with different institutions and organizations such as the Spanish University Sports Committee in order to successfuly hold this Championship.