Dear participants,


As Rector of the University of Malaga, it is with great satisfaction that I welcome you to the first European Universities Beach Championships. 


It is such an honor the fact of being awarded to organize this important sports event. This goes to highlight our experience as hosts after having organized four World Championships, i.e. Futsal in 1992, Judo in 2000, Golf in 2010 and Handball in 2016, as well as the European Beach Volleyball in 2011, Futsal in 2013 and Handball in 2017.


In all these events we have relied in the highest European university sports institution, which recognizes the excellence of our staff’s work and the ability of the University of Malaga to combine the synergies of different institutions such as the Town Councils of  Rincón de la Victoria and Torrox, the Andalusian Regional Government and the Malaga Provincial Council, and also of entities and companies that actively participate to make this EUC a great success.


We all together make possible that sport, besides the fair competition to achieve the best possible result, keeps being a social phenomenon than contributes to the prosperity and solidarity among people, especially in our university field, since it is an integral part of the education philosophy, helps to educate in values and expands the university culture. 


I wish you all the best success and I hope you enjoy the time spent at the University of Malaga.


Kind Regards,

José Ángel Narváez Bueno

Rector of the University of Malaga




Dear Friends,


My warmest welcome to all participants of the European Universities Championships 2023. 


The European Universities Championships, as previous editions have proved, are a wonderful occasion to be together and experience the beauty of university sport. I am pleased that a great number of students and officials, sharing their love for sport, respecting Fair Play, competing in truly university sport spirit will meet in many cities across the Europe.


During such events we do more than just sport – we broaden our horizons, get to know other cultures, we promote a healthy society, we stand on the side of peace, respecting and celebrating diversity.


Being the Organizer of the Championship is challenging but at the end rewarding as well. I want to express my appreciation to the Organizing Committees, its Partners and the volunteers who give their crucial contribution to the success of the event. My gratitude extends to the National, Regional and Local Authorities for their auspices of this event.


I believe that the European Universities Championships will bring the participants unforgettable experiences and lots of personal achievements. I hope all of you will enjoy your time, and life-long friendships between European Students will be legacy of all the events.


With wishes of good luck, I welcome you on behalf of EUSA to the European Universities Championships 2023!


Adam Roczek

President of the European University Sports Association (EUSA)







Dear participants and sport lovers,


We can't wait you to enjoy the excellences of the province of Malaga. A province that is hospitable, modern, rich in culture and natural heritage and which, without a doubt, is the best possible setting for any sporting activity.


Malaga has become a true benchmark in many areas. In tourism, gastronomy, technology and, of course, sport. Not only because of its enormous human potential, but also because it is the best possible destination when it comes to hosting top-level events.


International football, rugby, basketball or handball matches. Prestigious competitions such as the Davis Cup in tennis or the Solheim Cup in golf, which will also make us the world epicentre this year. And, of course, the European Universities Championships 2023, which will be held for the first time and will host 400 athletes from 40 universities and 30 different countries.


This is not only a magnificent opportunity to enjoy the elite of university sport, but it is also a brilliant opportunity for the tourism promotion in the province of Malaga and, above all, for the two municipalities that will host the event, Rincón de la Victoria and Torrox, two cities that have sport as a basic pillar of their tourism strategy.


All this with the backing of the Malaga Provincial Council and Turismo Costa del Sol, our tourism brand that supports dozens and dozens of competitions, events, tournaments, and is committed to sports sponsorship as a key part of its tourism strategy.


It only remains for me to wish the participants the best of luck, to ask them to enjoy the competition as well as the excellences that Malaga offers to them. And, of course, I would like to thank all those who make this event possible and also to the 100 volunteers who will also take part in it.


Best wishes to all of you.

Welcome to Malaga.



Francisco Salado
President of the Provincial Council of Malaga

and Mayor of Rincon de la Victoria






As mayor of Torrox it is an honor for me to write these words; of course, from the government that I lead, sport is a priority with a high level of commitment.


From the City Council of Torrox we are committed to offer both the possibility to practice sports and enjoy sports events.


I truly believe that both offers are closely linked because offering our town as the scene of major sporting events generates not only benefits in our economy, in promoting our brand... but it also serves as a tool for the promotion of sport among our citizens.


Thus, from the government, the sports council and from the entire team of staff employed in this area, we fulfill the aim of encouraging more and more neighbors to choose the option of practicing sport, especially among the youngest.


Therefore, we believe that initiatives such as this university championship bring numerous advantages that will bring positive effects in the pursuit of the promotion of sport, in this approach to healthy life and consequently in the quality of life of our neighbors and visitors.
We could not fail to participate in this great event that is the European University Championship whose environment is also one of our great natural and tourist strengths, the beach.
With all our pride and offering the greatest hospitality, we are waiting for you with the desire of sport in the best climate of Europe, TORROX.
Óscar Medina
Mayor of Torrox